Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life is Good

My life is great!  Sometimes I forget this, I forget to see all the blessings I have in my life.  My computer broke, most of my friends live a million and a half miles away from me, and I don't have a full time job.  All these things distract me from seeing all the good things.  So this post is to tell you about all the great things that are happening in my life right now!

First subbing, oh my goodness I LOVE it!!  The most important thing I have learned is that I love teaching!!  I know, you thought that I loved it before right??  Well, because of subbing I have found that I love it even more.  I always want to work.  It does not even matter what grade.  I have subbed for every grade, every subject (except second), including high school, and you know what...teaching is teaching!!  It doesn't matter if they are little kindergartners that can't write their name, or if they are high school students who I am trying to teach Trig to.  I have worked every single school day since I started, and the requests to have me as a sub just keep comin!  It's amazing!  I can't really explain the joy that I have when I step into a classroom but just know that I wake up every morning excited to meet the class I will have for the day!

I am really excited for this month!!  In less then  week I get to go see my bestest friend in California, in three weeks I get to see one of my best friends from college (maybe 2 if I can do enough convincing to get the other to come!)  Like 10 minutes ago I found out that one of my housemates from last year is coming to Spokane, so hopefully I get to see her as well!!  I cannot wait to see all of them!!  I have missed them so much and have not seen them in months so it will be awesome!!  I have been spending lots of time with Tiff, which has been so good to have someone to talk to and have her just listen and provide me with advice, which has helped me straighten out my life.  We spent a couple hours at Greenbluff yesterday and it was just great to be out there in the beautiful weather with a wonderful person.  It really made me appreciate the life that I have.  I have also been able to hang out with Danielle, who just makes me smile when I'm with her.  She is such a great person and is so fun to be around!  I'm pretty sure I have the best friends that anyone could ask for!

Then, probably the best news of my recent life, I have started going to church again (I didn't go all summer.)  This has made me so much happier.  I am working on building my relationship with God again and at times this is tough.  I go to church by myself, which is fine most of the time, but I miss having Michelle to talk about the service with and I miss having Bible studies with Caroline and Michelle, and so I have had to learn to discipline myself in this area of my life.  It was much easier when I had a houseful of roommates who keep me on track, but having to do this on my own has been work.  Which, honestly, is probably good.  I need to learn to have discipline in this area and not depend on others to help me.  Slowly, but surely I have been working on my spiritual self, which has also helped me work on my physical and emotional self as well, so everyday I feel better about the person I am.